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MP41M Data: Dead as a Doornail

Also known as CSI-16, this platform had a set sensors on it that provided a lot of great data, like wave height and vectors for both wind and current. Alas, it has been down for awhile (over a year) and now it looks as if it won’t be getting funding to be repaired. I used it frequently to plan trips into Breton Sound. (Read the Fishing Planning article.)

From the website:

CSI-16 is temporarily offline due to lack of funding. We will resume providing data as soon as we get new funding to do so.

Bummer, dude. :(

Venice Routes from Fan of The Blog

A reader of the blog and avid Google Earth user made these routes that he uses of the Venice area since fall of last year. Charles B sent them to me in order to share them on the blog. Charles, much thanks!

I love reader participation like this. Feel free to email me with anything you have!

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Screen Shot 2013-07-11 at 6.52.09 PM

Spoil Canal Revisited 2.0 (updated)

Fisherpeople, here is the updated Spoil Canal file.

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Screen Shot 2013-07-08 at 2.21.45 PM

No underwater obstructions…

I was able to take a quick run out into the marsh to take stock of the situation. Marsh mats everywhere, no sand flies, lots of baitfish. Most importantly, I have not seen any underwater obstructions in the main routes from Bayou Biloxi to the MRGO. I have not run the Spoil Canal yet. Stay tuned!

Routes across Stump Lagoon

Crossing Stump Lagoon has been something of a misnomer amongst boaters and recreational fishermen that wish to fish this area. I have never found any “stumps” in Stump Lagoon, just as I never found any dead men on Deadman Island or white logs in White Log Lake. Maybe once upon a time (pre-MRGO for example) tree stumps were more prolific because saltwater had not yet intruded into the area…

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Spoil Canal: Revisited

Check out this preview of a KML file I did using Google Earth. It illustrates how to run the Spoil Canal, which is rife with shallow water areas.

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Route around the MRGO Rock Dam

pisano mrgo rock dam hopedale louisiana route

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Route from Stump Lagoon to Cutoff Lagoon

Hey guys, remember that you can always ask me for specific routes through the marsh. Also ask me about shallow water areas and underwater obstructions. Here is a favorite.

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Fav route from BSM to Bayou St. Malo

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As always, I can show you routes and important under water obstructions. Let me know what you want to see!

Need help with routes? Ask me.

If you need help with routes through the marshes of Hopedale and Bayou Biloxi, I can help. Don’t hesitate to post here asking for one. I can give you a picture of something like this:

Route to south side of the Rock Dam in Hopedale

I can also get you a larger, higher quality picture. I have a lot of experience with this sort of thing, ask me if there are any underwater obstructions in the route you want to take! It can save your fishing trip.